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Pastor Richard Mayes, the founder of Champion Community Baptist Church gained his heavenly reward.  Pastor Richard Mayes founded Champion Community Baptist Church in his own living room in 1989. He started with his wife, children, immediate family members and a few trusting friends.  That small nucleus grew from his home to a temporary location to our current facility within the same community in which Pastor Mayes grew up.

Pastor Mayes faithfully served the flock that God entrusted to him. He was one of the “old school” pastors that did everything. He truly loved everyone and would do whatever he could to help people to help themselves. He would coach, tutor, encourage, comfort, challenge or chastise in order to help a person to see themselves as God views them. But his true calling was to accurately proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To that calling, he committed his life.


Pastor Mayes’ ultimate goal was to help everyone to know the goodness of God. He dedicated his life to that endeavor. He remained true to that mandate until God called him to his eternal reward and rest. He left behind a legacy of love, courage and determination that is exhibited by the current membership at Champion.

Richard Mayes

Founding Pastor

M. Ed., M.A.B.S

Willie Gaines


My name is Willie Gaines and I now follow in the footsteps of Pastor Mayes.


I have been charged in leading this flock on to higher levels. I had the privilege of developing a unique bond with my personal family and the Champion family prior to the homegoing of Pastor Mayes. I saw the love of the people towards one another and knew that this was a great foundation.  But I also know that the adversary would like nothing more than to destroy what God is doing among the brethren. I took on the challenge of leading the flock forward. My primary prayer is for Godly wisdom and discernment as we move toward God’s promise for us.

My mission is to help God’s people to develop and experience a deep and abiding fellowship with Jesus Christ.  

Founding Pastor Richard Mayes


Willie Gaines

My vision, as God has given it to me, is to uplift my fellow man through denouncing spiritual ignorance and imparting the truth of God’s Word into their hearts, so that as we become the spiritual leaders God intended, we can then disciple our families and others to be Godly leaders, as well. This is done by providing a clear and consistent teaching and preaching of the Scriptures with God’s authorial intent taking precedence in all instances. This is a challenging undertaking in today’s culture, but the challenge must be taken if we are to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ. Champion faces the same hurdles encountered by all believers. But we have the love of God in our midst. We have absorbed a big loss with the homegoing of the founding pastor. But as God has been with Pastor Mayes, so he is with me.


We appreciate our friends who are with us in spirit and we invite you to join us at the onset of our journey. Visit us at any time and I promise you will be met by the most loving group of people who are serious about living life as God intended. As God grew the nation of Israel, we anticipate his growth within us. Come visit us and watch as the Lord does a great thing with us.


May God continue to bless you and yours,


Willie Gaines,